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GMBI is one of the many ministries of Glocal Mission- based in Houston, TX, USA.

“And (Jesus) said to them: The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers are few; Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest. ” (Luke 10: 2)

We ask, “Where are the workers for the harvest?

They are already in the pews of our local churches and communities. Those who have been saved by the grace of the Lord, are not called to simply warm benches, but they have been called to be responsible disciples to share Jesus with all who are in the world living without Christ’s saving grace. Jesus wants and calls all believers to make disciples of all Nations. The success of our ministry should not only be measured by how many members it has, but how many of those workers are able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live each day as a missionary by their Christian vocation to impact and bless the world because of the Gospel.

The Glocal Mission Bible Institute exists to help discover the call of every believer and discover their spiritual gifts through counseling, identify their ministerial calls, empower others, and mobilize workers for the work of the Great Commission in multiple cities and countries around the world with the operation of the Holy Spirit (Mt.28: 19-20, Acts 1: 8, 2 Tim.2: 15).

GMBI offers biblical, theological, and ministerial trainings to equip leaders to be seekers of wellfare for their city, disciple-makers, evangelists, missionaries, church planters, pastors, and/or teachers for the task of the Great Commission in their own city and around the world cross-culturally.

Our leaders are trained in an integral way through counseling and training in four areas: hands, heart, head, and habit


BIB 101: Biblical and Missional Hermeneutics

BIB 102: The Mission of God in the Old Testament

BIB 103: The Mission of God in the New Testament

HIS 101: History of Missions, Perspectives of Missions

DOC 101: Christian Doctrine of the Great Commission I

DOC 102: Christian Doctrine of the Great Commission II

DOC 103: Christian Doctrine of the Great Commission III

DOC 104: Religions, Sects, and the Christianity

MIN 101: Christian Counseling

MIN 102: Christian and Missionary Leadership

MIN 103: Evangelism and Missional Discipleship

MIN 104: Homiletics and/or Christian Education

MIN 105: The Bible and the Family

MIN 106: Planting of Glocal Churches

MIN 107: Ministry Administration


  • 15 courses in total.

  • 5 subjects for each year for 3 years.

  • 30 hours of material.

  • Cost: $125 for material (includes modules and book).

  • Additionally there will be workshops, seminars, and annual conferences.

  • At the end of each course, each student will receive a certificate, and upon completion of the 15 courses, will receive a diploma.


To REGISTER with the Glocal Mission Bible Institute, consider the following steps:

1. You must possess a specific call to Christian service.

2. Have the desire for holistic training in the following areas: knowledge, conviction, competence, behavior, and Christian character.

3. Count on the support of your family and faith community.

4. Fill out or send the registration request of the website ( under GMBI-IBGM).

5. Request and submit a letter of pastoral recommendation according to the model provided in the form.

6. Have an interview with the Director of the GMBI.

7. Provide information about any biblical studies you have already taken to date.

8. Send the complete enrollment application.


1. Download our Registration Application.

2. Print out your application.

3. Complete the application with your information.

4. Bring it to our offices or send it via email



Rev. Dr. David Kim

(713) 494-3127


Rev. Nelson Hernandez
Catalyst Coach

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If you would like to register for a class or need more information please fill out the following form:

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We’ll get back to you soon.

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