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Welcome to GMTS!

An intensive training to help you become an everyday missionary and evangelist wherever God has placed you! All the information you need is below!


Are you a pastor, a missional leader, or an ordinary disciple of Jesus who longs to reach lost people with the saving message of Jesus?  Does it break your heart that people you know who don’t know Jesus will perish unless they come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior?  Does it keep you up at night that more than 4 billion people on this planet will face an eternity separated from God in eternal torment unless we reach them with the gospel?

Every believer is called to walk with Jesus as his committed disciple and answer his call to make disciples and multiply Christ’s church wherever God has placed him or her.  To that end, Glocal Mission wants to help you fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose to become an active participant in God's Great Commission. 



Beginning August 30, 2022, GMTS is offering a 10-session online hands-on training entitled:

"Making Disciples like Jesus Did!"  


This training is for ordinary believers, pastors, and missional leaders who work together to learn how to make disciples who make disciples of all nationalities within their local community and globally for the sake of Christ.   


"Making Disciples Like Jesus Did!"


This brand-new, never-seen-before module, will train GMTS students to disciple people in the 21st century as Jesus did in the New Testament times.  The hands-on training will consist of 10 sessions facilitated by GMTS trainers.  In addition, students are strongly encouraged to participate in an 8-day mission trip to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to engage in cross-cultural mission outreach to reinforce the learning experience and to allow God to expand their hearts for His mission.


We expect students to build an accountability team in their local area and begin discipling 1-3 individuals locally and cross-culturally as the course progresses.  Trainers will be on hand to help coach each student as they begin to disciple others.

Training Dates
August 30, 2022 – November 22, 2022
(No session on November 8)

Training Hours
Tuesdays from 8-10 pm (Central Standard Time)

Online training through Zoom.  Training materials and communications will be sent by email.


Local/Regional Events
Participants will be expected to begin discipling 1-3 people and developing accountability partners to work and support the discipleship experience.

Short-Term Mission Trip Experience
An important part of the curriculum will involve an 8-day, hands-on mission trip experience (November 9-16, 2022) in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  Attention will be given to existing COVID-19 protocols and travel restrictions may apply.  Mission trip fees will range from $500-$700 per person (room and board), plus travel expenses.


The cost of the GMTS training is $200/person.  For local groups who are working together, please contact Glocal Mission for potential group discounts.

Fees may be paid online through Glocal Mission's online pay portal, or by sending a check to Glocal Mission, 12510 Donna Drive, Houston TX 77067.  If you have questions, please call or email us: (713) 494-3127 or


Rev. Dr. David Kim, President and Lead Pastor at Glocal Mission
Rev. Langdon Reinke, Director of Glocal Missionary Training School and Pastor
Rev. Steve Nickodemus, Pastor, Trinity, Hillsboro OR
Rev. Aaron Gehrke, Pastor, Saints Peter and Paul, Houghton MI


Great Commission Vision  *  Barriers to Discipleship  *  Stages of Discipleship  *  Life-Transforming Discipleship that Works  *  Jesus' Model for Disciple Making  *  Beginning to Disciple Others  *  Resources to Aid the Discipleship Process  *  Measuring Effective Disciple Making  *  Habits of a Disciple Making Multiplier  *  Joining a Disciple Maker Movement *  Much More