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Discipleship Strategy

3 Missional Outcomes

Catalyst  Leader GPS Map


Be One! Assessment


CONVOS (Student Guide)

Love your neighbor.EN

Love Your Neighbor

Disciple like Jesus.EN

Disciple Like Jesus


Multiply (Leader Guide)

How Do I Share Jesus With Others.EN

GMTS: How Do I Share Jesus With Others?

DNA of a Glocal Mission Church.EN

DNA of a Glocal Mission Church

5 Marks of a Catalyst Disciple-Maker / Leader

Glocal Mission DNA

Glocal Mission DNA assessment.EN

Glocal Mission DNA Assessment Tool


Make One! Assessment

Convos Leader.EN

CONVOS (Leader Guide)

3-E Manuals.EN

3-E Manuals (Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday)

Multiply Quest.EN

Multiply Questionnaire (Student Guide)

GMTS Preparation.EN

GMTS: Preparation & Reflection

GMTS Manual 2020.EN

GMTS: Be One Make One

31 Days Devotions.EN

31 Days Of Devotions On 12 Disciples Of Jesus

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