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Glocal Mission exists to SEEK the lost, DISCIPLE the found, and MULTIPLY disciple-makers and churches with caring love of Christ locally and globally.

Here is a brief history of how we began!

Rev. Dr. David Kim's

Rev. Dr. David Kim was born and raised in South Korea. He arrived in the United States in 2002, after serving as a missionary/church planter in Ecuador for 12 years.


In his first eight years in the U.S. he furthered his biblical studies and learned about American culture and churches. In conversation and visits with more than 100 congregations, one surprising response most often heard. When he asked parishioners and pastors about the mission field and missionaries, he was shocked to hear their answer was almost always the same: “our missionaries are overseas.”


While he knew that to be true--that the world desperately needs missionaries to reach the billions of lost people--it deeply concerned him that very few viewed themselves as witnesses of Jesus in own daily mission fields.

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Glocal Mission is Birthed

In response to this experience, and after exegetical studies of the Great Commission passages, the idea of Glocal Mission was birthed in Dr. Kim’s heart in 2010. To him, anyone without Christ is a mission field while everyone with Christ is a missionary by vocation. In other words, everyone is either a mission field or a witness of Jesus by virtue of his or her baptismal vocation.


In light of Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8, he began teaching and training God’s people to understand that the mission field is not only overseas. It is both over there (global) and right here (local). From this understanding the name, Glocal Mission, is derived. God calls us to reach and make disciples of all nations and to be His witnesses in our backyard and to the ends of the earth.


In October 2016, Glocal Mission was formed as a Christian non-profit mission organization to equip and mobilize every believer to become an everyday disciple/witness/missionary and to make disciples that make disciples that plant churches that plant churches globally and locally.


This goal is accomplished by speaking at churches, conferences, seminars, and retreats and through individual mentoring and coaching. It is accomplished by raising up new disciple-making leaders, church planters, and starting new gospel-centered, Great Commission-driven churches in Houston, throughout the Americas, and around the world. 

Humbled by What God Has Done

As of October 2023, by God’s grace, much has been accomplished!


Glocal Mission has a headquarters in Houston, Texas. It currently oversees 30 church plant congregations, conducts training schools and Bible Institutes in the U.S. and Latin America, mentors and supports leaders stepping forward into ministry service, hosts annual Discipleship Conferences and retreats for Pastoral Couples, and conducts Church Planting Bootcamps around the world.


God has worked mightily through the wonderful people that serve within this ministry. Dr. Kim and his team recruit, train, equip, mentor, and support church planters and other key church workers. Together all celebrate 426 baptisms, 213 students in its Training School, Bible Institutes, and Seminaries, and Univertsities 9 students called to pastoral or deaconess programs of study, and 30 new churches planted. It is both amazing and humbling to see what God has done in just seven years!


Glocal Mission continues forward, confident in its mission that God will continue to lead the way to seek the lost, disciple the found, and multiply disciple makers and churches globally and locally with caring love of Jesus. To Him be all the glory!

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