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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Glocal Mission to take a short-term mission trip to reach the nations.

Short-term mission trips are an incredible way to help your church grow! Every year, hundreds of believers of all ages come to Houston to minister to those without God. Most arrive unsure of what to expect. Some are nervous and as they begin to look outside of themselves and reach out to others, they experience life change that probably wouldn’t happen if they stayed home. 

As you partner with our Glocal Mission Churches, we will walk with you to SEE the mission field in Houston and around the world. We will TRAIN you and EQUIP you to use your gifts and talents to make disciples of all nations and make an impact that will ripple through eternity!  We look for three outcomes: Good: We make a difference in the community by cleaning neighborhoods, painting houses, hosting children festivals, providing food for the disadvantaged, holding health clinics, sports camps, VBS, etc. Better: We building lasting relationships while we serve local people. Best: We share Jesus and make disciples of Jesus.

For more information about International Mission Trips, Download Our
"Short Term Mission Packet." 

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If you want more information on international or domestic mission trips (domestic trips to Houston), please send us your information, and we'll contact you.
(Minimum of 12 participants for international trips)

Mission Trip
What are you interested in?

Thank you! We’ll get back to you soon.

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